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Welcome to Donna May Designs hand made copyrighted necklaces.
I try to stay different in my designs so it's not like anything in your average store. All my jewelry is so light weight you can hardly feel them on. We also give you free extender chain so should go with any neckline. (17-19inches)
Enjoy your jewelry
"Made from my heart & hands to yours"

(More products coming soon!)

These products are Donna May Designs exclusives and are not to be copied, reproduced and/or sold by anyone, individual or company, other than Donna May Designs.

All Sales are Final
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Bar Necklace 001 Image

Bar Necklace 001
Beautful turquoise blue necklace with black and silver bead work.

Necklace 002 Image

Necklace 002
Gray catseye stones with silver beads

Dragonfly Necklace 006 Image

Dragonfly Necklace 006
Beautiful saphire blue little dragonfly necklace with swarovski crystals.

Bar Necklace 012 Image

Bar Necklace 012
Shiny white Bar Necklace and silver beads.

Cross Necklace 016 Image

Cross Necklace 016
Beautiful cross with swarovski crystals.

Necklace 101 Image

Necklace 101
Multi-color beads will go great with almost any outfit

Necklace D222 Image

Necklace D222
Light pink stone on sterling silver chain.

Necklace D223 Image

Necklace D223
Whitish color stone on sterling silver chain

Necklace D224 Image

Necklace D224
Dark Purple pendant on sterling silver chain

Necklace N001 Image

Necklace N001
Blue and black necklace with swarovski crystals 18-20in.

Necklace N002 Image

Necklace N002
Beautiful purples and black large stone necklace 18-20 in.

Necklace N003 Image

Necklace N003
Peridot green necklace with Swarovski crystals 18-20in.

Necklace N004 Image

Necklace N004
Beautiful stone pendant with black & crystal beads